«High expectations of new payment solutions represent both a challenge and an opportunity.»

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Datatrans AG – «High expectations of new payment solutions represent both a challenge and an opportunity.»

Marc Isler (CEO BRACK.CH) and Dario Casari (Country Manager Samsung) talk about payment innovations, special awards and the latest developments in the Swiss premium market.

You have been using Samsung Pay in the Swiss market since spring 2017 – with around 1.2 million compatible smartphones and therefore potential users. How relevant to you is the Swiss market compared to other countries?
Dario Casari: Switzerland has a special status as a premium market with very discerning, tech-savvy customers. High expectations of new payment solutions represent both a challenge and an opportunity. The increasing popularity of cashless payments means the number of Samsung Pay users is also increasing and rises with every new partner, be it a bank or an online retailer.

Swiss online marketplace BRACK.CH has been the first in Switzerland to integrate your wallet solution. 
Dario Casari: We have been sales partners with BRACK.CH for some time, so integrating Samsung Pay was the next logical step to exploit even more synergies. 

Marc Isler: As we have been working with Samsung successfully for some time, of course we were on board when new ideas were floated. Samsung has developed an exciting user base, which makes its payment method very relevant to us. 

What have been the resulting synergies?
Dario Casari: BRACK.CH now displays shopping offers directly in the user’s mobile wallet. In addition, Samsung Pay displays BRACK.CH vouchers to users to stimulate further purchases directly from the wallet. 

And you have both been able to access new customer segments as a result?
Dario Casari: Exactly. We have also achieved a higher conversion rate and created a unique customer experience.

Was technical integration difficult? 
Marc Isler: On the contrary! Because we were already working with Datatrans, we were able to use existing interfaces which greatly simplified integration. 

Dario Casari: Datatrans also won us over with the simple, user-friendly integration of Samsung Pay into the payment process. All our requirements were met to a large extent.

Is that why you chose the Swiss market leader as your exclusive payment service provider?
Dario Casari: Our collaborative relationship is perfect for us and Datatrans: we are both keen to offer our customers a continuously varied range of high-quality innovative payment solutions. We feel it is important to develop long-term partnerships from which everyone can benefit, and that is exactly what we have achieved with Datatrans.

Marc Isler: The most important attributes for us were security, user friendliness and speed. We found Datatrans and Samsung to be equally impressive in that respect.

On 22 May, BRACK.CH was crowned Digital Commerce Champion 2019. What a fantastic accolade! What did the award mean to you? 
Marc Isler: The award brought the whole team well-deserved recognition for their hard work on the innovations. It also affirms that our ideas and innovations are really in line with the latest trends.

What is special about your shop? 
Marc Isler: User-friendliness, speed and clear processes. The aim of further development was to convey more emotion and, rather than just specifications, to provide experiences to inspire our customers during the purchasing process.

It sounds like a lot of retailers could learn something from you. Do you have any best practice tips?
Marc Isler: I would tell other retailers to believe in their ideas and just give it a try. Things can become much more complicated when put down on paper and end up never getting off the ground.

Thank you very much for the interesting chat.

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«I would tell retailers to believe in their ideas.»
Daniel Isler (36), CEO BRACK.CH AG
  • Member of Competec Management Board
  • Product Manager and Marketing Department Manager/Competec
  • Business Development/Philips Lighting Hamburg
  • Trained multimedia technician and technical sales manager
«We build long-term partnerships from which everyone can benefit.»
Dario Casari (48), Country Manager Samsung Switzerland
  • Marketing and Distribution/various international companies
  • Dicom/B2B sector
  • Executive Master’s/University of Zurich