Perfectly coordinated fraud protection.

We offer the best possible fraud protection that can be customised to meet your individual needs and constantly evolves with you to more effectively outsmart scammers.

Security from the ground up.

Safeguard your platform with comprehensive security.

  • Prevent erroneous transactions with signed transactions. 
  • Filter out invalid card numbers with the Luhn check. 
  • Prevent fraud and chargebacks with dynamic 3-D Secure.

Reduce the likelihood of fraud.

Minimise your fraud exposure and use our API solutions to tailor the risk profile directly to your strategy:

  • Limit the number of authorisation requests for each card number, client IP, etc. 
  • Create blacklists and whitelists to include or exclude certain card numbers. 
  • Validate a card’s country of origin based on the ISO country code.

A specialised security network.

Thanks to our network of certified fraud prevention specialists, we tailor security solutions to precisely meet your business needs:

  • Take advantage of the biggest fraud detection network in the world with a dynamic rule engine. 
  • Analyse over 250 different data points per transaction. 
  • Ensure highly precise scoring with various machine learning technologies.
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