Easy PCI compliance with PCI Proxy.

Meeting PCI compliance requirements doesn’t have to take an eternity, slow down your engineering or be expensive: PCI Proxy lowers costs and minimises your risk when handling sensitive data.

Fast integration.

In the past, PCI compliance was always a time-consuming and expensive endeavour. That’s a thing of the past now. Using PCI Proxy, you filter data streams with just a few lines of code to automatically convert sensitive data into tokens.

Less risk.

Prevent data theft by saving sensitive data in our secure data stores located in Switzerland. We work 24/7 to ensure that your data is secure, detect anomalies and continuously improve the systems.

Vendor independent.

Customers who use multiple payment gateways receive vendor-specific tokens that are not compatible with one another. Our universal tokens are independent and work with all payment gateways and PCI-certified service providers.

PCI compliance in just a few days.

PCI Proxy is the easiest and quickest way to meet PCI compliance requirements because your systems never come into contact with sensitive card data.

Today’s most advanced companies use PCI Proxy to convert sensitive card data into a token before it reaches their system. This greatly reduces the effort required for PCI compliance, meaning that you can receive PCI Level 1 compliance in just a few days.

The three steps to PCI compliance.

Datatrans PCI Proxy provides you with all the tools you need to set up PCI-compliant payment processes. PCI Proxy can be integrated in just three steps and offers tokens to ensure that your systems never come into contact with sensitive card data. Reduce your PCI scope and focus entirely on your products.


Tokenise card data on your website or for incoming requests to ensure there is no contact with sensitive data.

Store card data universally

Save card data universally, securely and separately from the payment gateway. That way, you stay independent and reduce costs.

Customers who work with multiple payment gateways at the same time receive vendor-specific tokens that are not intercompatible. With a universal token format, you can save payment data regardless of the provider and distribute it to different payment gateways at any time to establish intelligent routing or an automatic failover for payments.


Share the card data with any PCI-certified partner and gateway in the world to process transactions simply and securely.

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