E-Commerce Report Switzerland

E-Commerce Report Switzerland.

Each year, the E-Commerce Report explores developments in e-commerce in Switzerland – the only Swiss study of its kind from the perspective of the vendor.

Digitalization in consumer sales. 
A qualitative survey from the vendors‘ point of view.

Current study

Read the management summary of the E-Commerce Report Switzerland 2020: Staying competitive in the networked world of commerce.

Current study

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Study panel

The study panel for the E-Commerce Report is made up of market-shaping e-commerce providers for consumer goods and services based in Switzerland.

Study panel

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All studies published in the E-Commerce Report Switzerland series since 2009 can be downloaded free of charge as PDF files.

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The study series E-Commerce Report Switzerland.

E-commerce is transforming entire industries, and this dynamic is only accelerating. The E-Commerce Report Switzerland tracks this development. It draws from the experiences and assessments of e-commerce merchants whose business with consumer goods and services has the potential shape the market. 

The providers make up the study panel for the e-commerce report. Panel participants are surveyed annually by the University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW (beginning in 2009). The study is commissioned by Datatrans, the leading Swiss specialist in internet payment solutions.

Objective and content
The evaluation focuses on describing how the market is evolving. For this reason, the information given by the interviewees is condensed. Non-public information on the individual companies remains confidential, provided it has not been explicitly approved for publication.

The study series focuses on the development of business concepts for the sale of products and services to private consumers in relation to networked information technology. The specific structure of the sales concepts in various industries and different provider types is highlighted: online-only providers, multi-channel providers, manufacturers and wholesalers offering direct sales as well as the role of new intermediaries such as online marketplaces. The study is a survey of current developments, makes predictions about the future and reflects on past predictions. By repeating the study annually, conclusions about changes can be drawn.

Datatrans AG – Prof. Ralf Wölfle | Head of Competence Centre E-Business at FHNW

Prof. Ralf Wölfle

Head of Competence Centre E-Business at FHNW

«Competition occurs across a variety of levels in e-commerce. The potential for innovation remains high, as demonstrated by seamless payment solutions – a field in which Swiss providers are at the forefront.»

Datatrans AG – Prof. Dr. Uwe Leimstoll | Lecturer on Information Systems at FHNW

Prof. Dr. Uwe Leimstoll

Lecturer on Information Systems at FHNW

«Drawing on personal interviews with more than 30 e-commerce representatives, the E-commerce Report takes an in-depth look at current topics in Swiss e-commerce. It captures the zeitgeist while remaining scientifically grounded.»

The study panel


The interviewees represent Swiss e-commerce merchants of consumer goods and services who have the potential to shape the market. They make up the study panel for the e-commerce report.

Market-influencing e-commerce providers are companies with the potential to significantly shape the development of e-commerce in their industries. The following three groups of companies are cases in point:

  • E-commerce-leaders: characterised by their major long-standing success in e-commerce in their industries. 
  • Industry-shaping companies (in terms of size and recognition value/brand): they operate multiple sales channels and have a substantial stake in e-commerce. 
  • E-commerce innovators: characterised by their unique innovations or, as early adopters, the introduction of new foreign business models to Switzerland.

A select number of representatives from other companies or organisations are also invited, particularly when they are relevant for discussing a topic in greater depth or if, as a non-Swiss provider, they have a significant influence on the development of e-commerce in Switzerland.

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Prof. Ralf Wölfle

Members of the E-Commerce Study Panel Switzerland 2020

Supporting organisations


University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland FHNW (Study concept and execution)
School of Business, Institute for Information Systems 
Peter Merian-Strasse 86
CH-4002 Basel
Tel. +41 61 279 17 55

Prof. Ralf Wölfle
Head of Competence Centre E-Business

Datatrans Ltd (Originator and commissioning body)
Kreuzbühlstrasse 26
CH-8008 Zurich
Tel. +41 44 256 81 91

Urs Kisling

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