From a simple payment method to a very versatile app

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Datatrans AG – From a simple payment method to a very versatile app

Datatrans now supports merchants with easy access to the TWINT+ Marketplace.

TWINT has become an indispensable app with its simple payment solutions, especially during the pandemic. The TWINT+ marketplace solution goes one step further with its services designed to make life easier for TWINT users, including beyond the payment process. Datatrans is on-board and enables merchants to easily integrate TWINT+. We explain what the virtual marketplace is all about and why being there is worthwhile.

«Simplifying the lives of our customers» – what brand doesn’t want that these days? No sooner had the customised offers in Web 2.0 boomed than the first users were overwhelmed by the huge selection of mobile sites and functions. Today, most people prefer just to open one app that does what they need in a few swipes.

A truly versatile app

Leading the way are the super apps Alipay and WeChat which are flourishing in Asia. Finding the right gift, the most meaningful donation platform or a parking space is complicated enough. So at the very least we expect an easy access and payment process. TWINT also wants to be an indispensable everyday companion. With over 4 million active users in the country, the app has huge potential to reach different target group segments.

Datatrans offers fast TWINT+ integration

Datatrans makes it incredibly easy for anyone wanting to access the digital marketplace. The payment service provider offers its merchants a simple TWINT+ integration via the existing interface. This means that merchants who already work with Datatrans save costs and technical effort. No further integration with TWINT is required and you are ready to go in just a few days.

Marketplace with standards

TWINT, in turn, specifically selects suitable applications and partners for its marketplace. Its primary goal is to make life easier for its users. This is why merchants must also meet high standards, such as adapting their shop to the TWINT UX Guidelines. As a result, users receive a consistent user experience across the entire marketplace.

Users benefit from a clear and unique positioning

«We work intensively with our partners and benefit from their resources and know-how, which have a direct impact on the positive end-customer experience,» explains Stefan Flükiger, Head of Ecosystems & Marketplace. «We want our users to benefit from unique, innovative functions that make everyday life significantly easier.»

First Datatrans merchant with a voucher service live

The Swiss market leader in vouchers, e-guma, is now making life easier for TWINT users. After a period of intensive development, it is now live on the TWINT+ Marketplace with its sales platform for e-surprise experience vouchers. «It was immediately clear that we would implement the TWINT+ integration with Datatrans. We have been working closely together for more than ten years and we knew they could provide a solid solution. Since we were able to build on our existing integration with Datatrans, the work process was very smooth,» reports e-guma co-founder & managing partner Daniel Thomet.

Marketplace solution for merchants is a win-win

Daniel Thomet sees being the first provider of experience gifts on TWINT’s digital marketplace as a win-win: «With our presence on TWINT+, we hope to benefit from the appeal and trust of the app. At the same time, we want to advance our own offering. Our shop will definitely be an advantage for TWINT users. A broad pre-selected range and a simple user journey makes it easier for them to choose the perfect gift.»

Security, exclusivity and reach

So, for which merchants is access to the future versatile marketplace worthwhile? «If you want to combine reach, exclusivity and security, TWINT+ will be the ideal marketplace,» summarises Manuel Hachem, Senior Product Manager at Datatrans. Secure because merchants would be able to identify recurring users for different business and fraud cases. Exclusive because competition in the marketplace is still very low. And far-reaching because with just one integration, your offer can suddenly reach over 4 million active users in Switzerland.

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