A step ahead of the competition with Apple Pay Web.

Payment methods
Datatrans AG – A step ahead of the competition with Apple Pay Web.

The training platform runningcoach.me is using Datatrans and Apple Pay Web.

Paying with smartphones and electronic wallets at the supermarket, in restaurants or department stores is now taken for granted. And now it's as easy in online web shops as it is at the POS. Just click the Apple Pay logo in the web shop, and then activate Touch or Face ID and the payment goes through.

First merchant in the Swiss market.
The training platform runningcoach.me is one of the first merchants in the Swiss market to have incorporated Apple Pay Web in its service. It is a decision that has proven its worth from the start. While the individualised coaching plans are used primarily through the mobile app, subscriptions are purchased on the website. With the Apple Pay, runningcoach.me offers its athletes an improved user experience while also simplifying the payment process.

Apple Pay Web increases conversion rates.
Input forms in web shops are increasingly disliked. Customers who hate having to type in their details again and again jump ship before the conversion is complete. In contrast, mobile wallets return the payment information, and address details too if required, back to the merchant automatically. This dispenses with the need for these steps in the traditional check-out process. A benefit that runningcoach.me no longer wants to miss out on.