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A big step towards achieving higher conversion rates.

The checkout process is commonly considered a conversion killer, which is why many companies are trying to simplify it. So far, the solution has been the ‘merchant wallet’, e.g. the customer sets up an account with a merchant by entering their address details and payment information. Once these details have been entered, a customer can purchase goods or services without having to enter all of their personal details again. But this registration process has to be repeated whenever a customer wants to do business with a new merchant. This turns out to be a hurdle, particularly when entering the data from smartphones, which are being used more and more often to shop online.

This is where generic mobile wallets are helpful, because registration with the payment information and, in some cases, address data only has to be done once for the respective wallet. The multiple steps required during the conventional checkout process are therefore eliminated and the payment is largely processed in the background (seamless payment). The result is a positive effect on conversions.

Datatrans has supported PayPal, TWINT and Apple Pay both for in-app as well as web applications for quite some time now. With the integration of Samsung Pay and Google Pay, Datatrans is offering two further digital wallet solutions – and AliPay and Wechat Pay are in the pipeline. Important: payment details are stored securely and are not sent to the merchant when completing a transaction.

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