Description of payment processing flow

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Datatrans AG – Description of payment processing flow

Four easy steps to complete payment...

1. Select payment method

When placing an order in your online shop, your customer selects their preferred payment method and enters their information.

The 3-D Secure standard Verified by VISA, Mastercard SecureCode, American Express SafeKey, Diners ProtectBuy or JCB J/Secure will be used if your customer is paying with VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club or JCB. Authentication is processed entirely by the Datatrans payment gateway, which offers you the benefit that no integration effort whatsoever is required on your part.

2. Authorisation

The authorisation request is encrypted (https) during transmission to the appropriate financial institution via the Datatrans gateway. Your application receives the response within a few seconds.

3. Settlement

You notify your customers that the transaction was completed successfully, charge the selected payment method (clearing/settlement) and deliver the merchandise.

Depending on your preferences, you can perform settlement (= start cash flow) of the authorised transactions immediately or schedule them at a specific time, for example, if the merchandise is currently out of stock.

After successful authorisation, the card data does not have to be provided again to complete the settlement process. You benefit because you do not have to temporarily store any sensitive data.

4. Credit notes, analyses, reports and configuration (management tool)

A management tool (Datatrans Web Administration Tool) is available to let you credit amounts to a card holder’s account, analyse transactions, generate reports and manage configuration data.

Day-end closings can also be sent to you via HTTPS or e-mail.