Authorisation process

Payment Solutions
Datatrans AG – Authorisation process

The parties involved in online commerce


You, the provider of goods or services in your online shop

Payment Service Provider (PSP)

Technical point of intersection between your online shop and the acquirers (payment method), e.g. Datatrans.

Processing contract required.

Acquirer/financial institution

The merchant’s contractual partner enters acceptance contracts with you that allow you to accept online payment methods and is responsible for the cash flow between you and the card holder, e.g. BS PAYONE, Concardis, PayPal, PostFinance, SIX, Swisscard.

Acceptance contract required
3-D Secure E-Commerce (customer initiates payment) or order-by-mail/phone (merchant initiates payment).

Important: no liability shift with order-by-mail/phone transactions, i.e. more risk.

Issuer/card-issuing bank

Contractual partner of the card holder.

Card holder

Buyer, your customer

What do you need in order to accept online payments?

  • An online shop 
  • Acceptance contracts with acquirers/financial institutions (for the payment methods) 
  • A processing contract with Datatrans 
  • Integration into the Datatrans system


  1. Card holder selects product, merchant shows them their shopping basket. 
  2. Merchant displays the Datatrans payment page, card holder enters their card data. 
  3. Datatrans sends the transaction to the acquirer. 
  4. Acquirer sends the transaction to the issuer.
  5. Issuer shows the card holder the 3-D Secure page (if necessary) and verifies the password. 
  6. Issuer sends the status (authorised/declined) to the acquirer. 
  7. Acquirer sends the status to Datatrans. 
  8. Datatrans returns the status to the merchant. 
  9. Merchant shows the card holder the response page (accepted or declined)