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Payments with unknown invoice amounts

Wallet solutions such as Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are designed for simple one-off payments. They cannot yet be used for applications involving merchant-initiated payments that must be executed without interaction by the cardholder. A hybrid form of these two types is the increasingly popular check-in/check-out approach used by solution providers such as FAIRTIQ, Lezzgo and others. The FAIRTIQ and Lezzgo apps allow customers to check in before starting a train journey and to check out again once they reach their destination. Using the mobile telephone’s location function, the best price is then calculated for the journey that has been made.

The actual amount to be billed is unknown during the check-in/check-out process. As a result, the merchant’s billing process occurs at a later time and features no customer interaction. Until now, wallet solutions have not been able to support this kind of application.

Datatrans now allows wallet solutions to be used in conjunction with this check-in/check-out approach, superbly combining the benefits of mobile applications (e.g. use of location functionality and no need for a physical ticket) with the features of a wallet (user convenience and fingerprint security).