Accept and split payments with ease.

Datatrans Marketplace lets you process payments for several sub-merchants in a secure and compliant process and in just one transaction.

Split payments.

Make payments to multiple sub-merchants in one transaction, without getting involved in the cash flow. Your marketplace fees, which can be set to be variable, are credited to you automatically.

Improved conversions.

Make subsequent purchases easier with tokenisation. Your customers store their payment details securely on your side and pay with just one click.

Datatrans Payment Gateway for your marketplace integration.

Online marketplaces combine products and services from a wide range of sub-merchants in one platform. With Datatrans Marketplace you can accept payments using Apple Pay, Google Pay, Mastercard, Postfinance Card, Twint and Visa, without getting involved in the cash flow. This means you are subject to fewer financial regulations and can integrate the payments process effortlessly.

Benefits for you.

  • Rapid onboarding: Integrate your sub-merchants quickly and easily after verification by the financial partner.
  • Meets all financial regulatory standards: Digital identity verification and validation of sub-merchants (KYC and AML requirements) are carried out in a smooth process.
  • Secure and PSD-2 compliant: Where necessary, transactions are secured using 3-D Secure and you will benefit from higher acceptance rates as well as a liability shift to the card issuer.
Datatrans AG – Here is how simple a marketplace transaction works.

Here is how simple a marketplace transaction works.

  • Customers on your marketplace select the goods or services from a range of sub-merchants. 
  • The customer enters their card details in the payment form and confirms the purchase. 
  • The payment is launched via the Datatrans Payment Gateway as part of a straightforward process with a single transaction. 
  • The financial partner credits a percentage of the transaction amount you specified  to the appropriate merchant accounts, and you receive your marketplace fees.

Features for greater success with your marketplace

Merchant initiated transactions

Merchant initiated transactions

Recurring payments earn more revenue – thanks to tokenisation you can smoothly set up subscription models for your customers and identify the transactions appropriately to maximise the card issuers’ approval rates.

Payment Pages

Payment Pages

Our Mobile SDK and Payment Pages solutions let you accept payments with just a few lines of code from within your iOS or Android apps and your mobile website. Your customers can pay quickly, securely and effortlessly, while you increase revenues.

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