The latest generation of payment forms.

Datatrans Payment Pages give you access to all payment methods with just a single integration. The advantage: fast, secure and simple payments for your customers and higher turnover for you while we take care of the technical details.

One payment form for all devices.

Datatrans Payment Pages work the same way on any device and have been developed and optimised individually for desktops, smartphones and tablets.

Purchase complete – without redirects.

Our Lightbox Mode allows your customers to pay directly in your shop, without cumbersome redirects to payment gateways that lower your conversion rates.

Pay with a single click.

Datatrans Payment Pages let your customers save their payment details securely in our vaults and then pay with just a single click the next time they shop.

The perfect form with no effort at all.

Datatrans Payment Pages handle the whole design process for forms and simplify the payment process for your customers with instructive animations.

One integration, any payment method.

Datatrans Payment Pages offer an endless range of options: seize on market trends, test out new payment methods and offer one-click payment processing – without any technical modifications whatsoever.

  • All major credit cards - to accept payments worldwide. 
  • Over 15 credit card acquirers – optimise your fee structure. 
  • Faster checkout with wallets like Apple Pay, Google Pay, etc. 
  • Accept local payment methods to tap into new markets.

Smarter checkout, constant optimisation.

New features are added to our platform every week. Once integration is complete, you can automatically access a user interface with an intuitive design and deliver a great user experience.

  • Smart animations simplify the input process – and point out any errors. 
  • New developments are constantly integrated automatically – without having to make any changes. 
  • The helpful auto-complete suggestions guide you through the process, reducing the likelihood of errors and supporting smooth payment processing.
Datatrans AG – Complete process control at all times.

Complete process control at all times.

Datatrans Payment Pages give you options for customising your payment forms. Adjust each step of the payment process to meet your needs while staying in complete control.

  1. Configure the payment method selection yourself or automatically with Datatrans Payment Pages. 
  2. Start the 3-D Secure process yourself or automatically with Datatrans Payment Pages. 
  3. Save and verify payment methods for loyal, regular customers right when they enter them. 
  4. Authorise payment amounts via secure server call or automatically via Datatrans Payment Pages. 
  5. Charge the totals separately using a secure server call or automatically during the authorisation process.
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