Turning smartphones into checkouts

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Datatrans AG – Turning smartphones into checkouts

Switzerland’s first convenience store with no checkouts is using Datatrans payment solutions.

Valora opened Switzerland’s first convenience store with no checkouts on 6 April 2019, with its avec box solution. Users can access the store, make purchases and pay for their goods around the clock using their smartphone. Fresh snacks on the go, groceries and essential household items are all  simply scanned using the app and paid for with a tap of the phone when leaving the store. Datatrans looks after the entire registration and payment process, ensuring the  transactions run smoothly in the background.

Drop in and shop
Enter the store, select your products and pay on the way out. avec box makes the shopping experience easy, thanks to Valora’s decision to use the Datatrans Mobile SDK combined with a server-to-server interface for reliable handling of the shopping and payment processes. All payment methods can be integrated easily and shown in native apps. The means of payment are registered and stored in the form of a PCI-compliant token in the background for subsequent purchases. So customers do not need to re-enter card information, and can pay by tapping their phone.

«We want to give our customers the ability to shop more easily, quickly and practically.»
Roger Vogt, Valora Retail CEO

A personalised experience.
Even though there are no staff in the traditional sense, avec box still provides a personalised shopping experience. Each time they visit the store, customers receive tailored shopping list suggestions based on their most recently purchased products. For example,  the app reminds users to have a mid-morning coffee, which can be brewed and paid for with just a couple of taps.

Simple integration, strong project management.
Alongside simple technical integration, a free choice of acquirers and strong reference projects, Datatrans particularly impressed Valora with its great presales advice and proactive support for project management. Datatrans is already planning the next enhancements of the innovative avec project, expanding payment methods and making the registration process even speedier with credit-card scanning.

«Launching Switzerland’s first checkout-free convenience store takes courage and a team of payment experts, app developers and security professionals who can all work harmoniously together. The avec project has been a particularly good example of this. We are very pleased that we will  be continuing to support Valora with the best payment solutions and technical expertise in the future.» Beatrice Gloor, Senior Consultant E-Payment, Datatrans