Pit-stop payments

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Datatrans AG – Pit-stop payments

Digital Charging Solutions (DCS) handles all means of payment around the world through one single interface, thanks to Datatrans.

Digital Charging Solutions GmbH gives drivers of electric vehicles access to more than 120,000 charging posts run by over 350 charging station operators, with an app that makes it easy to  find, use and pay for public charging stations anywhere in the world. 

How it works.
Drivers of electric vehicles register on the website run by DCS, e.g. ChargeNow, and can then start charging their batteries immediately using their charging card or the app. Users set up a payment method during the registration process, such as Visa, Mastercard or PayPal. The Datatrans interface is then used to validate the payment credentials with the corresponding payment providers.

Assuming the validation succeeds, Datatrans stores the card data or a reference to the PayPal account and sends a token to the DCS backend to be stored in the user profile. Drivers can now use the app to locate the nearest charging station and charge their vehicle. 

The charging fee is billed through the technical interface for the selected payment method using the token. The cost of integrating the payment interface with websites or other applications is minimal. You can find example code on docs.datatrans.ch.

Leading the e-mobility revolution.
Digital Charging Solutions GmbH develops public charging solutions for vehicle manufacturers and fleet operators, and is a world leader in the drive to switch to electric mobility. The white label business was formed in 2017 and is based on the comprehensive learnings of the BMW ChargeNow project, which caused such excitement in 2012.