Full freedom for innovation.

Full freedom for innovation.

As a developer of new apps, platforms or services, would you like to integrate your customers’ financial partners easily and effortlessly? Using the Datatrans Payment Gateway you only need one interface and retain full flexibility.

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Advantages for Service Providers.

Cost optimisation.

Your customers can optimise their payment costs with flexible choice of financial partners and effortless integration of new payment methods.

Payment Methods


Whether your business is expanding into new markets or from the web to an app: our Gateway scales with you and all solutions can be easily integrated.

Checkout Solutions

The best advice.

Tailored to your needs – Our experienced payment specialists with background knowledge in a range of industries will consult you personally.

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The developers’ platform – all information for the simple integration of payment processes and methods, checkout solutions, API, testing and security.

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All with just one interface.

The Datatrans Payment Gateway offers an efficient and secure payment process in your solution. One integration is all you need to give your customers the freedom to select their own financial partners – everything with your design, the best in usability and the minimum effort for PCI compliance.

Datatrans AG – Freedom to choose financial partners.

Freedom to choose financial partners.

Using Datatrans, you allow your customers to choose from a broad selection of payment methods and financial partners. They can switch at any time, hassle-free. Thus, your customers can always profit from the best offers on the market and minimise their risk of acquirer unavailability.

Payment Methods and Financial Partners

Datatrans AG – Fast payments – better conversion rates.

Fast payments – better conversion rates.

Tokenisation makes it possible: once your customers have entered their card information for the first time, they can make subsequent purchases with just one tap or click. There is no need to re-enter payment details, and one-off users become loyal customers.


Easy-to-use app-based checkout.

The best usability and increased payment conversion for your customers. Datatrans Mobile SDKs can be used for all payment methods and user interface elements while handling error messages and the 3-D Secure process. Additionally, our SDKs support wallet solutions such as Twint, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay and Google Pay.

Mobile SDK

Seamless integration with your design.

Provide your users a familiar shopping experience. Datatrans’ Secure Fields for card information blend seamlessly with your payment forms and can also be incorporated into call-centre and internal applications. This gives you freedom to follow your design inspiration while minimising compliance effort.

Secure Fields

Datatrans AG – PCI compliance the easy way with PCI Proxy.

PCI compliance the easy way with PCI Proxy.

In a few lines of code, you can integrate PCI Proxy to convert sensitive card information into universal tokens that are compatible with all payment gateways around the world. You retain your independence, minimise the risk of handling sensitive data and reduce PCI compliance costs.

PCI Proxy

Interested? We look forward to hearing from you and advising you further.

Datatrans AG – Marino Schönenberger | Head of Sales

Marino Schönenberger

Head of Sales

«Integrating a range of payment providers is time-consuming and not really necessary. The Datatrans Payment Gateway means you only need one integration, so you can focus entirely on your solution.»

What our customers say.

«The Datatrans Payment Gateway has some unique benefits for us: With one simple integration, we can cover the whole range of payment methods and providers used by our customers. When it comes to mobile payment solutions this is a match-winning advantage.»

Marc Degen

Co-Founder and Chairman of Moflix

«In Datatrans we have found a reliable payment partner with leading expertise and excellent support. We especially love the easy-to-use interface, which gives us extra flexibility for payment methods.»

Sergi Gubin

Project Lead, FAIRTIQ

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