Pay easily and securely from mobile devices.

Accept payments on your iOS or Android apps: Our mobile SDKs support your entire payment and registration process and simplify the integration of any payment method in native apps.

Less effort, more variety.

  1. Show payment methods. 
  2. Register payment methods. 
  3. Complete purchase.

The Datatrans mobile SDKs let you outsource your payment process to us from inside your native apps. Our proprietary system libraries for iOS and Android can be used to quickly and easily access a variety of payment methods.

Complete freedom of choice.

You can select the payment methods yourself or simply delegate the task to our mobile SDKs. The advantage is that we handle the display of all UI elements for payment methods from external providers right inside the app – including PayPal, etc.

Basic PCI compliance

All checkout solutions qualify you for the most basic SAQ-A PCI conformity, without time-consuming testing. Datatrans checkout solutions ensure that sensitive data never comes into contact with your servers.

Wallet solutions included.

Apple Pay and Google Pay are already included in the mobile SDKs and do not have to be additionally integrated into the app. The SDKs complete an app switch and start the payment process automatically for wallet solutions such as Twint, AliPay or WeChat.

Datatrans AG – Save payment details, allow a faster checkout.

Save payment details, allow a faster checkout.

Credit card, PayPal, TWINT or SEPA direct debit: the Datatrans mobile SDKs let you register payment methods and save them securely for recurring payments. This simplifies checkout and helps to prevent fraud and scams.

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