Smart payment flows for retailers.

Smart payment flows for retailers.

Shopping in your store is a delight. Then a convenient checkout process is the icing on the cake. Our solutions integrate seamlessly into your customer experience and allow secure payments to be made in just a few clicks.

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How merchants benefit from Datatrans' Payment Gateway.

Payment mix.

From classic to innovative: put together your perfect mix out of over 40 payment methods, including invoicing, debit and credit cards, wallet solutions and cryptocurrencies.

Payment Methods

Outstanding conversion rate.

Thanks to a convenient payment experience. With wallets, payment buttons and one-click checkouts, payments in any channel are done in a breeze.

Checkout Solutions

Customer focus.

For customer support, chatbots and help desks: with Payment Link every customer interaction can be converted into a purchase, whether you’re using e-mail, SMS, WhatsApp or QR code.

Payment Link


Thanks to our JSON interface and comprehensive documentation, integrate your payment processes with ease, while we take care of the highest security and availability.

Datatrans AG – Future store – connected and customer-centric.

Future store – connected and customer-centric.

It’s all about convenience: Customers pay for their morning coffee with their smartphone and charge the new outfits to their store account using a salesperson’s tablet. The restaurant’s bill is paid by scanning a QR code, and the late-night grocery shopping is done at a cashierless supermarket.

Consumers shop wherever and whenever it is most convenient for them. Across all channels, on the move, at a desktop computer or in-store. And they expect every single touch point to be connected. The latest trends and technologies such as wallets and tokanisation, put your customers’ needs first and take the hard work out of paying in every situation.

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Datatrans AG – Key factor Apps.

Key factor Apps.

Conversion demands convenience. More than half of all online payments are processed via mobile devices. From the purchase and registration processes to autonomous payments, Datatrans Mobile SDK supports every digital business model. Our products for iOS and Android let you offer your customers a fast and easy checkout experience even on small screens.

Mobile Solutions

Datatrans AG – Security that scales.

Security that scales.

E-commerce is growing rapidly, business models are evolving, and with them the need for data protection and security is also increasing. With Datatrans, you have easy access to payment solutions that fit your business requirements. We offer highly scalable infrastructure, highest availability and reliable payment processing, all with PCI DSS Level 1 certification and GDPR compliant. And thanks to our tokenisation solution, your customers enjoy full payment comfort while your systems never come in contact with their sensitive card data.

Security & Compliance

Datatrans AG – Liliana Veloso | Key Account Manager Retail

Liliana Veloso

Key Account Manager Retail

«Simplifying the ever-growing complexity of payment methods and platforms to ensure a smooth payment experience for customers – that’s what we offer at Datatrans.»

5000 customers speak for themselves.

«Working with Datatrans, I can see that ‘customer focus’ isn’t just a trendy buzzword, it’s engrained as part of their culture. This – combined with the company’s desire to engage with our needs and meet our requirements – are highly appreciated qualities.»

Dario Polla

Head of EFT/POS Payments, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund

«Working with Datatrans is fun! The company is not only highly professional and good at their craft, the people are proactive, (re-) acting and responding quickly and flexibly to our needs.»

Christoph Baumgartner

Head of EFT, Informatic Processes WW Sales, Coop

«As a long-standing partner, our relationship with Datatrans is based on strong, interpersonal relationship, trust and continuous improvement. We particulary value the company’s open dialogue, its technical response capability and its focus on innovation.»

Damien Claude

Finance & Accounting, QoQa

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