For authorisations with Alias/Token or for methods of payment which have no PCI-scope (for example PostFinance Card or Invoice).

With the XML API our customers have the use of an extremely stable payment process. Essentially, this API enables transactions to be handled as a server-to-server process. With this process the merchant has full process control. The only basic requirement is that the end customer has registered with his method of payment. Our XML APIs are especially recommended for the following applications:

  • One-Click Checkout for registered customers
  • Recurring Billing / regularly recurring transactions (e.g. monthly subscription charges)

The XML support the following types of payment:

  • Credit cards
  • ELV (Deutsches Lastschriftverfahren)
  • Manor MyOne and other customer cards
  • PayPal Reference Transactions
  • PostFinance Alias

Appropriate payment solution

Reference customers

  • Kitag
  • LeShop SA
  • migardo
  • Sunrise Communications SA
  • Swiss Federal Railway SBB