Datatrans PCI Proxy

Tokenizer solution with user profiles for a simplified PCI compliance.

Datatrans PCI Proxy

The Datatrans service enables companies to receive and forward card data in a PCI compliant way, for example for online travel agents who send bookings to hotels or airlines.

Datatrans PCI Proxy is a flexible API toolbox that securely receives, stores and forwards card data (payment data) to any payment gateway or other PCI compliant third party. Furthermore card data in existent HTTPS-requests can be replaced with «tokens» without changing the structure of the request.

Datatrans PCI Proxy

Datatrans PCI Proxy will be integrated between the sender of the card number and the receiver (e.g. a reservation system who sends bookings to hotels). The solution ensures that the receiving sysemes (in this case the hotel) will never get in touch with sensitive card data. In this scenario the source of the card data can be the website of the sender, the mobile application or a web service.

By integrating the Datatrans PCI Proxy our proxy filters automatically the incoming data (inbound) for card data and replaces them with reference numbers (tokens). The card data will be encrypted and stored in our secure Datatrans environment. Instead of card data the receiver will get a token. This token provides full flexibility and reduces PCI requirements at the same time. For example a token can be used tp validate or charge credit cards against a payment gateway or third party API like Expedia, Amadeus, etc..

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Reference customers

  • ASSD GmbH
  • Feratel AG
  • Kigo Inc.
  • my.IRS GmbH
  • reconoline AG
  • seekda GmbH
  • Swiss Ferdaral Railway SBB
  • Swiss International Air Lines AG
  • Switzerland Travel Center Ltd.
  • Tourist Data Shop AG
  • Umbrella Organisation AG