Generate secure payment links in Datatrans’ backoffice to be sent by e-mail.

You will need an acquiring contract with one or more payment methods that are set up at Datatrans.

Contact form for a quotations processing contract


Often merchants send their customers personal offers via e-mail, for instance an independent travel. The process between accepting the offer and paying the merchant can take up unnecessary time.

To speed up this process and safely handle the payment (ie, without coming into contact with credit card information), the merchant can generate time-limited payment links through the Datatrans Web Administration Tool (backoffice). The individual payment link can be forwarded to the customer and include his available payment options.

  • The individually generated payment link contains all information relevant for the payment such as currency, amount and reference. The link is embedded in the offer, which is delivered to the customer via e-mail.
  • If the customer accepts the offer and clicks on the payment link to pay, he is passed directly to the pre-configured Datatrans payment page which already holds amount and currency. The customer chooses his preferred method of payment and enters his payment information to confirm the payment.
  • Right after the payment process (incl. 3-D Secure) is completed by the customer, the merchant receives an e-mail confirmation from Datatrans.

Create payment link

Pay-by-E-Mail links can be generated in Datatrans Web Administration Tool (backoffice).