Datatrans Payment Pages are the ideal solution for your online shop.


Whether on a desktop computer, mobile device or tablet, our payment pages automatically adjust to your monitor size and guarantee an easy and secure payment process. The payment pages can be tailored to the design of your shop.

Three possible Payment APIs (technical interfaces)
All functionality with respect to credit card data is completely outsourced to Datatrans. This allows you to benefit from a more simplified process with reference to the PCI DSS self-declaration (Questionnaire SAQ A). The part that is managed by Datatrans can be found in the following listing circled in red.

Test application of the Lightbox Mode (no productive processing)


Redirect Mode
The customer is redirected to a Datatrans payment form. The Datatrans TLS 1.2-secured URL will appear in the address line of the customer’s browser window.


Lightbox Mode
Overlays the Datatrans payment page over your webshop page (greyed out in the background). Although the URL of your website will continue to be displayed in the browser address line, the card information is actually entered on a Datatrans page.

Secure Fields

Secure Fields
Alternative for all merchants who have their own payment page. The input fields for entering credit card data can be seamlessly integrated into the merchant's checkout process, offering him maximum design freedom and process control.

Contact form for a quotations processing contract

Advantages of the new Datatrans Payment Pages

Redirect Mode, Lightbox Mode and Secure Fields

  • Mobile First approach
    Responsive design to support different device types (resolutions)
  • Improved usability
    Simplified checkout to boost the conversion rate
  • High adaptability
    Adaptable to the corporate design of the merchant
  • Intelligent support
    User-friendly guidance and validation at the checkout
  • Easy integration
    The new payment pages can be integrated with just a few lines of HTML code
  • Scan function
    With iOS 8 devices the card number and expiry date can also be scanned instead of typed.

Appropriate methods of payment and acquiring contracts

  • All methods of payment
  • Internet contract (mostly with 3-D Secure)