Mobile Apps

The Datatrans Payment Libraries for iOS and Android allow direct processing of the payment operation within an app (In-App Payment), i.e. without involvement of the relevant app store.

The unique aspect of this solution is that in the payment processing the customer remains in the app. In this way the integrated forms can be used to select the type of payment and to key in the credit card details. The merchant can however also create his own GUI allowing full graphic freedom. Every step in the process is protected with ingeniously devised Retry and Roll-Back functions, so that incorrect entries can be avoided even at times of poor network coverage. The Mobile Payment Libraries support one-click checkout processes for all types of credit cards as well as for PayPal and the Swiss PostFinance.

Contact form for a quotations processing contract

Possible Payment APIs (technical interfaces)

Appropriate methods of payment and acquiring contracts

  • iOS: VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, Discover, PostFinance methods of payment and PayPal
  • Android: All methods of payment
  • Internet contract (mostly with 3-D Secure), partly a contract addition with specific acquirers (own contract numbers)

Reference customers

  • BMW I & ParkNow
  • Confiserie Sprüngli AG
  • Ex Libris AG
  • Fleurop-Interflora
  • Kitag
  • LeShop SA
  • MNC Mobile Parking
  • spherix
  • Starticket
  • Swiss Federal Railway SBB