Alias (Token)

Alias (shop solutions with user profiles) for periodic billing / recurring billing (e.g. Abo services) or one-click checkout for registered customers.

Our advanced payment services are conceived as an addition to the payment solution already described, "Classic webshop". For recurring transactions Datatrans makes a distinction between two categories:

  • Recurring billing – periodic billing of a specific amount for example, the subscription fee for the use of an information service
  • One-click checkout – simplified payment processes in the shop for registered customers

In both cases the merchant saves the details for the method of payment as Alias (Token). This is a type of interim placeholder for the actual account details of the customer, for example, the credit card number, the PayPal user ID or the PostFinance card number.

The Datatrans Advanced Payment Services are also very suitable for the combination of Classic webshop with a mobile e-commerce application.

Contact form for a quotations processing contract

Description of Datatrans Alias / Tokenizer

For the most user-friendly possible payment processing in shop solutions with user profiles, Alias from Datatrans is available for you.

With this approach to solving the problem, the information on the method of payment is deposited in the user profile (conforming to PCI). With follow-up orders your customers do not have to record the details of the deposited method of payment yet again – especially for payment processing on mobile terminals, a decisive plus for the user-friendliness of your application.

You can use Datatrans Alias in mobile e-commerce both in combination with an app and also in conjunction with a mobile webpage. Prominent examples of applications for the mobile use of Datatrans Alias are the apps of the SBB.

Possible Payment APIs (technical interfaces)

Appropriate methods of payment and acquiring contracts

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • PostFinance methods of payment
  • Deutsches Lastschriftverfahren (ELV)
  • Invoice
  • Mail-/Phone-Order-Contract (MOTO)

Reference customers

  • Blacksocks SA
  • [email protected]
  • Kitag / CT Cinetrade AG
  • LeShop SA
  • Orange Communications SA
  • Starticket AG
  • Sunrise Communications AG
  • Swisscom (Schweiz) AG
  • Swiss Federal Railway SBB
  • Swiss International Air Lines AG