Fraud Prevention

Security has top highest priority!

For the benefit of you and your customers, Datatrans has introduced further security features, in addition to the security mechanisms decided upon by the credit card companies. We are committed to developing additional measures on a continuous basis.

  • Fraud Basic Measures  (including digit verification number (CVC2/CVV2))
  • 3-D Secure  (including Mastercard SecureCode & Verified by VISA).
  • Datatrans Fraud Prevention Tool  (7 checks for the reduction of the risk of fraud) If your webshop is exposed to a particularly high risk of fraud, you can protect yourself with our Fraud Prevention Tool. These measures are included in the transaction price and the checks can be configured easily in the Datatrans Web Administration Tool. In conjunction with external partners we also provide customized high-end solutions.
  • Address/Credit checking  via Informationsplattform Deltavista from CRIF.
  • Address Verification System (AVS) for Visa and Mastercard cards have been issued in the USA. The system checks the address given on the credit card with the details of the account address.

These security precautions do not, however, eliminate the need to introduce your own suitable measures to combat fraud more effectively.

Preventive measures are of central importance in the fight against fraud with payments on the internet. For this reason Datatrans adapt the package of measures to combat fraud effectively to the changing risks on an on-going basis. The individual preventive measures are discussed with the card organisations and geared to their measures.