Technology and Integration

Technology/API: What does the error message "datatrans invalid merchantId (merchant not found)" mean?

Please check whether you are sending the request to the correct service URL. MerchantIds issued for testing purposes (e.g. 11000XXXXX) are only accepted by [endpoint] The production endpoints and service URLs can be found in the back office under UPP Administration.

Inconsistencies between shop and Datatrans: double booking of an order

Typically this arises because of a communication problem of the response URL, respectively the web shop’s post URL (see chapter 2.1 of the Technical Implementation Guide). Your shop is unable to process the response received from our system, which means the order remains open in your shop. Consequently the customer does not get a success message and executes the order again. If you require a more detailed analysis of such a case, please contact Datatrans.