Backoffice: transaction status

What does the "Authorized" status mean?

The authorization is the reservation of an amount on your customer's credit card. The cardholder's bank will keep this reservation open to allow the merchant a settlement at a later date. This period should be kept as short as possible.

To settle an authorized transaction, click on the corresponding transaction in the "Transactions" menu and then on the "Settle" function.

What does the status transaction "Settled" or "Settled/transmitted" mean?

After a transaction has been settled, it will have the status "Settled" on our databases and the transaction can still be cancelled. On the following day, all settled transactions are transmitted to your acquirer for further processing. The transactions are then showing the status "Settled/transmitted". From this moment on, only credits (offsetting entries) are possible.

What does the status "Declined" mean?

A transaction can be rejected by different parties and for different reasons (error codes).

A list of the most important error codes can be found in chapter 8 of our Technical Implementation Guide.

Why was a transaction rejected?
The right of "Error message" in the transaction details a red link appears. Clicking on it, a pop-up window opens with the available details of the reason for rejection.

The most common reason for rejection is error code 50 / 1403. Such transactions were refused by the card issuing bank. For reasons of data protection and/or banking secrecy, Datatrans will not be provided with any further information regarding the reason for refusal. In such cases, we recommend that the cardholder is referred to her or his bank.

What does "Response Code 02" mean?
If the transaction is processed via SIX Payment Services, a transaction may be authorized with "Response Code 02". It means that the transaction is authorized, but the card issuer accepts no liability in the event of misuse of the card and that you as the merchant are fully liable. This occurs if you as a merchant are not protected by 3-D Secure or if the issuer downgrades the transaction to "non-3-D" during 3-D validation. Such transactions are rejected by default*.

What does U-Case mean?
"U-Case" means that the transaction is recognized as unauthorized for 3-D in the authentication process. If you accept such transactions as a merchant, you are fully liable in the event of an improperly used card. Such transactions are rejected by default*.

* A transaction that has been rejected due to such a reason can be reactivated in the transaction details via the "Restore" function and can be manually authorized and billed without 3-D Secure. In this case, the merchant bears the full liability.