Backoffice: searching for and processing transactions

The "Transactions" menu shows transactions that have occurred in the past 360 days.

Important: Only the 300 most recent entries are shown.

How do I search for a transaction?

You can filter your transaction list by using the "Search for specific transactions”. The "%" (wildcard) character is used to find all records that contain the preceding and/or following character string. This means that multiple wildcards can be set in one search term.

Why can't I find my transaction?

If a transaction cannot be found, check whether it is older than 360 days. If this is the case, switch to the archive search. Also check whether you are searching for the transaction with the correct MerchantId (see "Change Merchant" function).

How can I credit a transaction?

You can only issue a credit for a transaction that has the status "Settled/transmitted" and is not older than 360 days.

In the transaction details, a credit can be generated using the "Credit" function.

For how long can I credit a transaction?

The Datatrans system allows a transaction to be credited up to 360 days after settlement. Since credits are also subject to validation on acquirer and issuer level, they may however be refused by the acquirer or the issuer within this period. This decision cannot be influenced by Datatrans. In this case, we recommend that you contact your customer and find an alternative way to refund the amount (e.g. bank transfer, voucher shipping, etc.).

I incorrectly cancelled/credited a transaction. How can I undo this?

A transaction that has been wrongly cancelled or credited cannot be debited again. You should contact your customer and agree an alternative method of payment with him.

How can I make the complete card number visible?

Click on the red masked card number in the transaction details and then enter the graphic code in the pop-up window. We recommend writing the card number on a piece of paper and shredding it immediately after use.

Please note that displaying unmasked card numbers is disabled by default due to PCI DSS requirements and is only enabled if there is a legitimate business reason for it. The identification of a credit card number or the conversion of tokenized cards may be such cases.

The use of this option is therefore linked to specific user permissions. Unmasked credit card numbers are always displayed at the user’s own risk. When using this function you have to ensure you comply with the PCI DSS guidelines and are liable for any misuse. Any liability claims against Datatrans Ltd are completely excluded.

How long does an authorization remain open in the back end?

Authorizations normally remain open for 30 days.

What does the "Reauthorize" function mean?

A transaction with the status "Authorized" can be reauthorized by clicking on the "Reauthorize" function. This extends the expiry period of an authorization as long as the card-issuing bank allows the reauthorization.