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The professional and complete payment solution for varied customer requirements. Simple and cost-effective to integrate – all inclusive.

Datatrans offers professional and complete payment solutions for varied customer sizes, budgets and requirements, which are simple and cost-effective to integrate – all inclusive (The charges for acquirers are not included). A switch between the different variants is simple and possible at any time, without adapting the interface.

Standard solutions for small and medium-sized customers

  • Solutions for newcomers or customers with smaller transaction volumes. Favourable entry variants with lower basic costs.
  • Solutions for professionals with higher transaction volumes.
  • Lower transaction charges with attractive price graduation and two billing models: Prepaid/transactions package and Post-paid/monthly account.

Individual solutions for major customers and complex projects

The solution for individual requirements and high transaction volumes, e.g.:

  • Companies with several profit centres, special requirements and/or international orientation.
  • Customers who provide varied methods of payment, depending on country.
  • Customers who would like to optimise their integrated processes (Finance check).
  • Special sector solutions (e.g. Airlines, Event & Travel Ticketing, Telecoms).

More information on customized payment solutions

Solutions for sales partners and intermediaries

  • A sales partner concludes a processing contract with Datatrans as well as individual contracts under his or her own name with his or her customers.
  • An intermediary acquires Merchant Contracts, which are concluded directly between Datatrans and individual Merchants. For this he receives a recurring commission on the transaction charges.

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