Customer retention made easy.

Convert your users into loyal customers with the right technology: Datatrans tokenisation puts the payment process in the background so your users can give their undivided attention to your products and services.

One-click payments

Simplify repeat purchases by allowing your customers to save payment methods easily and securely as a token, making it possible to pay at any time with a single click. Your systems never come into contact with any sensitive card data.

Simplified repeat purchases.

Create your own flexible price models and charge your customers’ stored payment methods at any time using our API – a single time or automatically at recurring intervals. Tokens give you complete control of the process.

Datatrans AG – Invisible payment process for noticeably higher turnover.

Invisible payment process for noticeably higher turnover.

Having to enter card data multiple times quickly becomes tedious, especially on smartphones. With Datatrans Alias, you can save your loyal customers’ payment information securely and PCI-compliantly in the background as a token to make repeat purchases easy.

Datatrans AG – Maximum flexibility and conversion rates.

Maximum flexibility and conversion rates.

Datatrans Alias can be combined with our checkout solutions and integrated into your processes in any configuration. You can create and change your subscription model however you see fit while maintaining price flexibility. Customer benefits: complete purchases with a single click.

Simple, secure registration.

Loyal customers appreciate a seamless registration process, which is made possible by trusted payment providers and an automatic validity check for new payment methods. All of this minimises the risk of fraud and chargebacks.

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