The security standard PCI DSS 3.2 applies for e-commerce credit card payments.

New PCI DSS versions contain extended preventive measures, because the threats are continuously changing. The most fundamental new development in version 3 concerns the self-declaration and classification of individual online Traders.

Until now, all traders have received a standard form (the SAQ self-assessment questionnaire) with approximately 20 questions. Traders will now be divided into 2 groups. For traders who have fully outsourced their payment form (for entering credit card information) to a certified payment service provider, the conditions won't change (SAQ A). This will apply, for example, to all traders who already use the Datatrans Standard Mode - with a redirect to payment forms managed by Datatrans. The SAQ A questionnaire for the simplified self-declaration is available under the following link:

Questionnaire SAQ A

For traders who manage their payment form themselves and only forward credit card information directly to a certified payment service provider, additional conditions will apply – they will now receive a questionnaire with over 100 criteria (SAQ A-EP).

You will find a comparison of both options for self-declaration here:

Understanding SAQs PCI DSS

Which Datatrans payment solutions do the additional self-declaration requirements apply to now (SAQ A-EP)?

The additional conditions for self-declaration (SAQ A-EP) apply to all traders who manage their credit card payment form themselves – with Datatrans payment solutions this applies for both solution variants: "Hidden Mode" and "Ajax".

If you use one of these two payment solutions – or choose to continue using them as an existing Datatrans customer, please obtain information about the additional requirements that need to be fulfilled with your self-declaration within the framework of PCI DSS 3.2. The SAQ A- EP questionnaire, which you need, is available under the following link:

Questionnaire SAQ A-EP

The requirements for self-declaration in accordance with SAQ A-EP are stringent and they involve additional annual costs. Datatrans regards this solution as suitable for many large traders who already fulfil most of the conditions.

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