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  • Migros Bank E-Pay
  • paysafecard
  • Skrill (Moneybookers)
  • PointsPay
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Migros Bank E-Pay - Collection for the online shop

Shopping online is easy and pleasant. Migros Bank will handle collection for you. E-Pay enables your customers to pay for their online shopping directly from their Migros Bank accounts. To do this, they enter their E-Pay IDs in your online shop and confirm the transfer of funds using e-banking or the Mobile Banking App – and that's all there is to it. The money is credited within a matter of seconds. There is no credit risk.

How the Migros Bank solution works

  • The customer puts the goods in his online shopping basket and goes to the checkout.
  • The customer selects "Migros Bank" as the payment type.
  • He enters his E-Pay ID, which he has already set up in e-banking, and confirms the payment on his preset device (e.g. a smartphone).
  • Migros Bank debits the customer's account and credits the amount to your trader's account at Migros Bank.
  • Migros Bank confirms the payment to the vendor. The vendor then closes the payment process.

Requirements for implementation

  • You work together with Datatrans as your payment service provider.
  • Following Datatrans's instructions, you integrate the new payment type into your online shop.
  • You maintain a current account with Migros Bank to receive credits. Otherwise, we will be unable to confirm receipt of payments electronically within a matter of seconds.


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