With Masterpass, Mastercard is simplifying the payment process for your online customers. Following a one-off registration for Masterpass, your customers can quickly, securely and easily pay with one mouse click or one tap of a finger on any device with internet capability.

Benefits and Implementation

With Masterpass, the new digital payment solution by Mastercard, there is no longer any annoying requirement for data entry when shopping online. This reduces the risk of abandoned transactions.

The most important Masterpass benefits for you and your customers:


  • Integration within payment processes on the basis of your existing credit card interface – without disrupting day-to-day business.
  • Masterpass payments correspond to a normal credit card transaction. There are no additional charges and there is no need for any new acceptance contracts.


  • With regard to Masterpass payments, the card data is stored with the bank and is therefore always up-to-date.
  • In addition to Mastercard, the customer can also store other credit cards (e.g. Visa or American Expresss).
  • The quick and easy payment process increases the chances of the sale being concluded (even on mobile devices).


  • There is no need for any card data to be entered on the internet – this increases customer confidence.
  • Optimised 3-D Secure (e.g. Mastercard SecureCode™ or Verified by Visa) process for payments with Masterpass as the customer can already be authenticated by the wallet (Advanced Check-Out).


As a merchant, it is easy for you to implement the digital wallet. Masterpass plugins (from customweb GmbH) are currently available for many commonly used shop systems such as Magento, Shopware or Oxid.

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