SEPA Direct Debits (SDD)

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SEPA Direct Debits (SDD) in Germany

The method of payment, which is very common in Germany, is mainly used by internet customers who do not own a credit card. The purchaser enters his/her IBAN (International Bank Account Number) respectively account number and sort code (until February 2016) in the SSL-secured payment template. Datatrans then ensures the secure transfer and processing of the customer data.

Description BillPay Direct Debit

Direct debit is one of the most popular payment methods in Germany. As with payment by invoice, however, it also carries a degree of risk for online shops. With the SEPA direct debit, not only are online merchants able to offer customers their favorite payment method, they also benefit from BilPay’s 100% payment guarantee. In case the customer pays with delay or does not pay at all, BillPay covers the costs of restitution, risk and requirement managing as well as the dunning.


The customer provides his billing and shipping address together with his bank account details and within a matter of seconds, his request is evaluated by BillPay.

Benefits of direct debit with BillPay

  • 100% payment guarantee even if the customer does not pay.
  • Billpay takes on the costs of the restitution, risk, and the entire debt collection process- including the dunning process.
  • Available in Germany and Austriah.

Description CreditPass SEPA Direct Debits

The customer’s account is debited immediately using a direct debit. The money transfer is handled via your corporate bank and the payment amounts credited directly to your business account. As the credit-worthiness of the customer is not checked, with unsecured accounts there can be returned debits that are subject to a fee. At all events, small transaction costs and potentially increasing sales should be set against this risk. The standard account check 4safe® ensures a reduction of the risk of loss, amongst other things through a plausibility check of IBAN (or account number and sort code) as well as the checking of various blacklists, movement profiles and transaction limits.

Extended security checks (addresses, identities, persons, scores, etc.) via our partner "creditPass" can be implemented within the authorization process. Please get in touch with the creditPass team directly via or +49 89 273747-210 to obtain further information.

Basic requirements

As a merchant you have to apply for a bank account with a German bank and certify that you will allow the processing of electronically filed direct debits. Besides a processing contract with Datatrans, you additionally require an acceptance contract with creditPass.


Credit checking by Datatrans (4safe®-Check creditPass) scrutinises the following criteria:

Blacklist check
The blacklist check investigates whether the enquired bank account is listed in the InterCard blacklist because of a charge back. The basis for this is the data from InterCard AG, which is active both in the card supported (card-present transactions; stationary and mobile retail trading) and also in the card-linked payment system (non-local business; mail order MOTO and e-commerce) with checks, assumption of debt losses and its own complete debtor systems. The data is updated daily and serve as evidence of whether you can accept a direct debit with a clear conscience or should decline due to the likelihood of insufficient funds.

Peregrination check
This check is sort of a limit check and analyses irregularities in the number of usage of a bank account at different merchants. In case of an uncommon usage this check initiates an automatic blocking of the account.

Subsequent transaction check
This check is also sort of a limit check and analyses irregularities in the usage of a bank account at one merchant. It automatically blocks an account if too many transactions or too high amounts appear within a defined period of time.

Check digit
The possibility of the existence of an account can be checked by algorithms testing the provided IBAN (or account number and bank code).


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