Debit Cards

Select the desired method of payment:

  • Maestro International
  • V Pay
  • Dankort (DK)

Maestro International

Maestro is an international debit card service from Mastercard International. In various countries one can also pay with the Maestro-Card on the internet, but not yet in Switzerland. The type of payment can only be activated with an appropriate acquiring contract.

Acquirers International

Maestro International can be accepted via the following acquirers:

  • card complete Service Bank AG
  • ConCardis GmbH
  • Elavon Merchant Services
  • European Merchant Services EMS
  • Ingenico Payment Services GmbH
  • SIX Payment Services (Europe) SA
  • Société Générale
  • WorldPay

The addresses of these acquirers are listed at VISA & Mastercard.

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