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The creditPass interface is very well suited for automated use in any customer on-line systems. Different check types (accounts, addresses, persons, compliance, etc.) of the renowned credit agencies (BÜRGEL, infoscore, Creditreform, etc.) can be queried and combined using definable rules.

creditPass consults every customer about the query and decision logics, which are then stored customised at creditPass. The optimal combination of query is selected fully automated and in a matter of seconds, depending on the amount, payment method, customer group, etc. and the adequate decision is made depending on the result.

Key Benefits

  • Comprehensive information by connecting to all credit agencies via creditPass (lots of information about unknown customers)
  • All kinds of checks and free check combination (individual, efficient configuration of checks)
  • Integrated logics (low technical implementation effort, no changes of the interface for logic optimisations)
  • Comprehensive knowledge about the connected credit agencies and their checks at creditPass (no time-consuming initial training)

Please get in touch with the creditPass team to obtain all required application documents including fees.


Optional extension by additional creditPass checks
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