Apple Pay

Apple Pay

Apple Pay is the payment system for Apple products like iPhone, iPad, MacBook Pro with Touchbar and Apple Watch.

Apple Pay supports NFC (card present), in-app purchases for card not present (a native iOS app is required) and browser based shop solutions (Apple Pay Web).

The Datatrans Payment Libraries support Apple Pay for in-app purchases on iOS apps. An updated SDK is now available for interested merchants. You can find the technical details under "Technical Documentation" in our iOS developers manual.

For Apple Pay web please refer to our Datatrans Showcase and sample app on Github. For the client side integration please check out the guide from Apple directly.

Creating a payment processing certificate
As an existing customer please login to our Backoffice (navigate to 'UPP Administration' > 'UPP Security' > 'Apple Pay key and certificate') to obtain the CSR needed to create a payment processing certificate on This certificate is needed for both, Apple Pay for native Apps and Apple Pay on the Web. Once created, upload it again on our Backoffice tool and you should be ready to process Apple Pay transactions.

For further information please contact us under +41 44 256 81 91 or .