Sales partners

When cooperating with sales partners we distinguish between two models: partners and Intermediaries

Are you interested in cooperating with Datatrans and would you like to find out more about our sales partner models? Then you should make contact with us!

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Partner model

The partner concludes a processing contract with Datatrans as well as individual contracts under his or her own name with his or her customers. Datatrans has no contractual relationships with the partners' customers. The partner takes on the 1st Level Support for the customers and invoices the transaction charges to the customers.

The charges for the services from Datatrans are invoiced to the partner. The transactions of all the merchants of a partner are combined for this billing. The partner profits from an advantageous graduated price and secures a higher margin when passing on transaction charges.

The partner is free to set his or her own contract conditions and final prices (licences, activation/transaction and service charges) for the customers.

Intermediary model

The intermediary acquires merchant contracts, which are concluded directly between Datatrans and individual Merchants. The intermediary receives a recurring commission from Datatrans on the transaction charges for this. An intermediary contract will be concluded for the purpose.

The intermediary is not involved in the billing of the transaction charges and does not take on any support tasks.