Digital transformation in the accommodation business

Spotlight text on the E-Commerce Report Switzerland 2017

Since the outbreak of the global financial and economic crisis in 2008/2009 and the abolition of the minimum exchange rate for the euro in January 2015, the problems within the tourism sector in Switzerland, and especially the hotel industry, have continued to be a hot topic in politics and industry. These include structural changes, unfavourable macroeconomic developments and the consequences of digitisation – in the form of superior booking platforms.

For that reason, the digital transformation in the accommodation business, especially in the hotel industry, is the main focus of this year's E-Commerce Report Switzerland. In addition, besides the long-standing members of the survey panel from the travel industry, the following series of participants in the survey were interviewed on a one-off basis specially on this topic: the country or industry representative from International, Kayak Europa, Google Switzerland and Airbnb Germany as well as management members from hotelleriesuisse and Switzerland Travel Centre. In addition, Walter Berger, founder of Rebagdata who has many years of experience of the software scene within the hotel industry, gave an interview as part of the research carried out in connection with this survey. The results of the surveybelow mainly reflect the assessments of these industry experts and in some cases have been interpreted and supplemented by the authors of the survey.